Fixed Garbage job
Optimised ALOT of sql calls and re-indexed keys.
Fixed error in InvHud
Fixed error in Shops

Latest tests
— Removed some loops that were no longer required
— Disabled the delete dropped ammo script.
— Disabled Car Controller ( DEL button menu )
— Removed all server sided prints
— Fixed issue with weapons licence counter creating a massive loop.

Rebuilt the jobs counter.
— Should now work correctly i hope
— /resetcounter if it breaks
— /jobcount JOBNAME to see current job count for that job
–/jobcount for all jobs, this will spam your screen

3 new car Categories added Aston Buick Cadillac after restart

Furniture Store
— Added Outdoor Furniture
— Fixed issue with phone arrow keys not working after viewing Furniture.

add-on Interiors
— Should now not flicker when inside a add-on interior.

Hunting Job
— Should now be fixed giving Meat and Leather.

Scrap Yard
— Major Nerf no more millions in a day sorry.

Police Raids and break ins
— Police home raids have been fixed, they can raid on or offline players once they have the warrant issued by government.
— House Robbery’s now Logged

Tuner Laptop
— Logs are now correct ( We almost at the point of release )

— Rs6 Demon Nurfed – Will be fully adjusted when time comes

Background Stuff
— Server Binaries Updated.

Due to the server crash all active now

Coffee shop implemented, new owners will be taking ownership today. Spike strips Fixed

Speeding Tickets – Remove from bank not cash
Ai Mechanic – Mechanic will be cancelled without charge if they cannot get to you.
Police – New Spike Strips added hopefully fix the sync issue.
Loadscreen – New Loadscreens – New Music
Bullet casing – Timer now built in for delete casing if dropped.
Scratch cards – reduced small win amount 100 – 2500 – reduced chance of Big win.’
Vehicle Mods /VehicleMods while sitting inside a vehicle will send you a message with all current Performance mods on that vehicle. Added a preview Mods location Check the map
Scratch Card — New Scratch Card Added — 1k from a Shop — 1 in 4 chance of winning — Low Win ( 100, 5000) — 50 in 5000 chance of winning big — Big win ( 100k, 1mil)
Taxi / Taxi now takes the money from bank not cash..
Speed camera — No Longer notifies Police. — Auto takes from cash. — Reduced the amount of fine.
Admin and one of one — All availible mods should now be availible for those that were broken Thank the Vehicle guys.

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