————– Voting for the server ————–

1. When in game, do /vote. This will save the URL to your clipboard, go to your browser and paste in the link.

2. When presented with the options, on the right hand side, click Steam Vote.

3. Log-in through steam, this will count as one vote. You can do this every 24 hours. (If you would like to do the normal vote as well, that is up to you).

4. When in-game after voting, through Steam Vote, use the command /checkvote. This will give you your rewards. If you have any issues with getting your coins after voting, try relogging.

————– How to get your character saved when you’re using /charactereditor ————–

– /charactereditor
– Go to Spawn peds
– Pick gender
– Press backspace
– Create male/female character
– Edit your character how you like
– DO NOT CHANGE HAIR/BEARD/MAKEUP/etc (you can change eyes)
– Press backspace until you leave the charactereditor
– Go to the clothes store
– Delete EVERY saved clothing option you have in there

^ this saves your character with the new look you’ve given it, you’ve just got to make all your clothes and go get your hair again.

————– Donating ————–

1. First, create an account with https://forum.cfx.re/

2. Link your Account with your Fivem Client

3. Visit https://store.hoperp.co.uk/

4. Please login to our server. Once logged in you will have a maximum wait time of 30 minutes before automatically receiving your purchased items.

5. Make your selection from our Single Packages

6. Ensure you connect your discord with the store.

Most errors with not receiving your donation packages are simply due to not having your FiveM account connected, or not being online on the server when you make the donation.

Cfx.re Community
Cfx.re Community
The home of the CitizenFX modification frameworks for GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2.

[1:04 AM] Dave Lister: ————– Changing your phone language ————–

1. First, buy a phone from a shop then press F2

2. Using your arrow keys, go to the cog icon and hit enter.

3. With your arrow keys, go down to the icon that looks like the globe/planet/world.

4. With your arrow keys, choose whichever language you need.

5. Hit enter.

————– Making a Twitter account ————–

1. First, buy a phone from a shop then press F2

2. Open the Twitter App on the phone.

3. Press the right arrow key, and go to “Parameter”, then New Account.

4. Create your account name and password

5. Hit enter, that’ll allow you to type a message, to send a picture, press the right arrow and “send a photo”.

————– How to use the Race script ————–

DO NOT setup races around Legion

/race record — Starts recording the Race, go to the map and set checkpoints
/race save ‘Name’ — saves the race
/race start ‘Amount to enter race in $’ ‘Time Delay’
/race cancel — Cancels the race

/race list — Shows names of saved races
/race load ‘ name’ — loads the race for starting
/race delete ‘ name’ — Delete the Race
/race clear — remove current checkpoint

————– How to clear your FiveM cache ————–

Open your “FiveM Application Data” folder (typically located C:\Users<username>\AppData\Local\FiveM\FiveM.app) – (If you can’t find it, you can try right clicking your ‘FiveM Desktop Icon’ and select “Open File Location”.)

Open the “Cache” folder

Delete all files and folders in the Cache folder EXCEPT FOR THE GAME FOLDER

Reload FiveM and reconnect to the server.


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